Live Beyond Limit

Online Cycle and Flow
with Kate Laviolette

June 16 (Wednesday)
at 12:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes


Online Cycle and Flow is the ultimate hybrid mind-body class combining indoor cycling and yoga.

Students will start class on their bikes learning proper setup, technique, and tempo work to work on building a healthy aerobic base through workouts that will mimic and help you tackle a road ride. Focusing on breath, heart rate, and tempo students will be able to develop a lower resting heart rate over time (unless you already are very conditioned friends), a healthier heart rate variability (HRV), and a higher oxygen carrying capacity all of which have been tied to better mental health, healthy fat burning metabolism, decreased pain levels, improvements in TBI symptoms, higher sense of wellbeing, better sleep, and improved neurological function.

The second half of class students will unwind with an all levels yoga flow to open up and balance out. We will focus on creating space, strength, and stability through a slower style flow focused on getting your body, mind, and heart on the same page and teaching the body to relax out of a stressed state and work smarter.

Our teacher designs class around students registered in each class, so know we can offer adaptations and different sequencing for most injuries or conditions you're cleared to work with.

*Your teacher will be on a Spinner NXT bike like many gym models, however a trainer for your road bike or other stationary bikes that have a flywheel for resistance with pedal that have cages or clips are best.  It is not advised to use pedals without cages or clips, BUT I will work with you if you do.

*Please have a water bottle available and fuel appropriately! 


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