Live Beyond Limit

Limitless Balancing Flow
with Kate Laviolette

September 25 (Saturday)
at 9:00 am

Class length
60 minutes

Main Studio

Limitless Balancing Flow is a Hatha based yoga class designed to balance the mind, the body, and bring ease to your overall being through practices that are geared towards bringing your nervous system back into homeostasis and balance.  

This is important because until we achieve this balance our bodies and minds have a hard time healing and sorting things out which lead to disease, stress, anxiety, depression, cognitive and focus issues, decreased productivity, memory loss, etc. Once we establish practices to bring this balance back, we can start healing and start feeling awesome ourselves both on and off the mat!

This class is an great beginner level class with the pacing and time spent exploring postures and practices, but teachers will also cater to our more advanced students with challenge options and pathways to explore physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


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